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The wonders of Theth

The wonders of Theth
  • A trip to the pearl of our mountains, Thethi, a Protected Historic Center. The community is at the centre of the Theth National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The villages of this area lie on both sides of the river from Okoli to Grunas, featuring characteristic houses that are intertwined with the alpine background, to emerge as unrepeatable and unprecedented landscapes ever.
    Dates: -
    Region: Shkodra
    Trip length: 2 days


We travel from Shkodra to Theth. A short break at the panoramic point at the "Tomb of Trec" from where you can see all the necks of the mountains that surround the area and the entire Shala valley. Accommodation in the guest house. Walk to the village center and visit “The Separation Tower”, The Church and the haunting waterfall of Grunas. Dinner is served around 19.00 at the guest house.

Departure from Shkodra (Hotel) at 8 30
Visit the Mesi Bridge for about 1 h 30 min.
Departure to Theth with the same minibus at 10.00, for 3 h 30 min.
Arrival at Theth at 1:30.
Picnic in nature.
Hiking time around 2 hours.
Dinner at the guest house at 19.00.

Wake up with a traditional Albanian breakfast in the accommodating houses and then start the day climbing the canyon.
After the walk, the minibus waits at the canyon to take you to the natural stone baths. Enjoy a picnic near the Blue Eye of Theth, a wonder of nature with astonishing colors and clear water. After that, meeting at the departure point with a minibus to Shkoder. Dinner at the center of Shkodra. End of the trip.

Breakfast at 8.00 in the Guest House.
Meeting at 9:30 am.
A light hike to the canyons. (2:30 min)
Minibus ride from the canyon to the Blue Eye (30 min)
Picnic/lunch break for about 2 hours.
Ride back to Shkodra at 14.00 by (3:30 min)
Dinner in Shkodra

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