Around the Shkodra Lake for two days

Around the Shkodra Lake for two days
  • The best way to explore the area of Lake Shkodra, its beauty, history and culture is bicycles. You can start and finish where you want, the impression will be fantastic. The tour begins with Podgorica, the beginnings of this city belong to the Stone Age. The tour continues in Shkoder, the 2500-year-old city, the capital of northern Albania.
    Dates: -
    Region: Shkodra
    Trip length: 3 days


The first day we follow a mountain linking Podgorica with the coast. This road passes through the valley of the Moraca River. After we visit the fortress of Vrania, the next stop will be Virpazari. Here you can enjoy traditional meals and a fine wine, learn about Montenegro folk tools, weapons and costumes. The other station is Riječki Crnojevica of spectacular nature. Here you can visit an impressive old bridge and some abandoned houses, enjoy the well-known wine and traditional cuisine.

The second day of the tour begins in Podgorica and continues east on an asphalted road. The first stop is Tuzi with its famous market where you can find almost everything. In the first kilometers after Tuzi you will enjoy the view of Lake Hostko, a small bay of Shkodra Lake. By traveling in the beautiful nature, we approach the border crossing point of Bozaj-Han i Hotit. Here the road continues in the Albanian part of some villages overlooking the lake to the right and the mountains to the left. If you want to go swimming in the lake, you have to continue biking 2 km to the right. After Koplik we arrive in Shkoder. Visit the tourist villages of Shiroka and Zogaj, at the edge of the lake. Evening at the bars and old streets of the city.

The visible part of the old and wonderful castle, Rozafa, invites you to enjoy a view over the entire area. Your journey will be accompanied by the tranquility of the Buna River, the green olives and the special atmosphere of the Mediterranean flora. Exceptional views of the Drin and Buna River joining, and after a while the boundary again. Riding towards Ostros we follow a path that leads us to Murici. Here is the highest lake beach in the part of Montenegro. This is a sandy beach, 600m long, 7m wide, shallow and goes into the lake. On the beach is a well of cold and clean water, and the forest is dense with lichen and chestnuts. Lunch with lake specialities, carp and eel specialties. Return to Virpazar and Podgorica.

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