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Let Northern Albania tell you it's majesty through its meandering mountains, its depth through the forests and deeps, its purity through crystal water, its hospitality through the wonderful people it has, its beauty through the colorful outfits of the area.

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The best way to see Albania is on foot. Some of the most spectacular paths wind through the north, where you’ll find national parks punctuated by towering mountains and quiet, alpine villages.

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Albanian Culture is a tapestry of a beautiful language, music, traditions and food. It is a unique culture maintained through several invasions and survived through tough times.

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Some of Albania’s favorite attractions and activities are by the clear waters of the mountains, or by the beautiful coasts in the South. Whether it’s near a waterfall, a natural bath, a river or sea, you are sure to have a wonderful and refreshing summer with us.



God made albania, discover the wild

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God made albania, discover the wild

Mythological creatures of the Alps


Mythological creatures of the Alps

Mountain Fairies The cult of mountain fairies (Alb. zana) comes from Illyrians to the present day. The German Scholar M. Lambertz wrote: “Zana is the religion and th...

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